...the English Improver.

Expert native English language editing, proofreading and copyediting service for students, researchers, and academics


A high quality, affordable academic English editing and proofreading service.

Whether your English skills are fluent, basic or anywhere in between, the English Improver is here to help with a high quality, affordable academic English editing and proofreading service for articles, papers, theses, and abstracts.

This service is for you if you need an expert native English language academic to proofread your work and improve the correctness and readability of your written expression and/or the format and presentation of your document.


  • Your article is ready to send for review, except that the standard of academic English is not up to scratch;
  • Your thesis is ready for submission, but your supervisor tells you that the grammar is not up to an acceptable standard;
  • You want to share your research or ideas online, but your English expression is preventing you from disseminating your ideas as widely as you hoped;
  • Your manager is waiting for a report that needs some serious polishing; or
  • Your article is finished but you don’t have time to format it to meet the journal’s submission requirements.

The English Improver is Dr. Stephen Acreman, a freelance editor with over 6 years of experience working with academics to improve their English expression and prepare their papers for publication. Stephen is now consulting on the Peerwith B.V. researcher services platform, where you can place a request for a quotation.


A full range of editing services is available.

Language Editing

  • Improve written expression
  • Fix grammar and spelling
  • Correct punctuation
  • Ensure consistency and flow
  • Conform to US or UK English standards

Copy Editing

  • Language editing (if required)
  • Format document
  • Conform to style guide (APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.)
  • Conform to journal/publisher guidelines
  • Format bibliography and citations


  • Check for typographical errors
  • Final proofread before publication


Some recent feedback.

Excellent professional. Strictly met deadlines and delivered high quality work.

Copy editing Language editing Social Sciences and Humanities
Aug. 2019

Punctual, reliable and professional. I really appreciated his support.

Copy editing Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
Jun. 2019

Really professional with reasonable charges.

Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
Jun. 2019

Excellent work!

Copy editing Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
May. 2019

Many thanks for your excellent editorial service. You have done a great job. This is far more than what I expected. I gratefully appreciate your professionalism.

(Grant) Proposal editing Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
Apr. 2019

Very professional!

Copy editing Language editing Social Sciences
Mar. 2019

Dr. Acreman did a great job with editing the article. Along with improving the language and structure of the paper, he also helped with adherence to the journal's guidelines. And provided valuable suggestions about referencing as well. Thank you !

Copy editing Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
Mar. 2019

The editing work was of a high quality and done in a speedy manner.

Language editing Social Sciences
Feb. 2019

The copy editing service was great!

Copy editing Economics, Econometrics and Finance
Feb. 2019

Stephen has been a great editor, very careful reader focusing on details and offering invaluable suggestions. I trust and respect him very much.

Language editing Arts and Humanities
Jan. 2019

Stephen's editing is superb! very meticulous and careful.

Language editing Arts and Humanities
Jan. 2019

Stephen is super fast. He keep in touch with every detail he has been processing. very responsible editor and very professional.

Language editing Social Sciences
Dec. 2018

Diligent, detailed, careful copy editing work, including adherence to Journal's specifications

Copy editing Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
Dec. 2018

He is very kind and generous! You must be satisfied with his writing skills and editing.

Language editing Social Sciences and Humanities
Dec. 2018

Excellent work!

Language editing Arts and Humanities
Dec. 2018

Stephen is very accurate and delivered my report really fast. I would surely recommend him for any copy-editing task.

Copy editing Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
Dec. 2018

Good service, fast time, good job!

Language editing Business, Management and Accounting
Dec. 2018


How much does it cost?

I provide a custom quotation for every job. Two cents per word (in US dollars) is a generally accepted minimum for light editing work, so the cost can be as low as $20 per 1000 words.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, but the payment is handled by a third party (Peerwith). Peerwith will request payment from you before I begin the work and then hold the money until it is complete, at which point they will relese the funds to me. The great advantage of this is that I do not receive any money until I deliver the work to your satisfaction.

What is the difference between language editing, copyediting and proofreading?

Language editing is a service usually provided to writers who are working in English as a second (or third, or fourth) language. It involves correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling, and improving expression, word choice and readability. It can be equally useful for native English speakers, if they are not confident with their grammer or written expression.

Copyediting takes an article or other piece of writing (copy) that is finished but not ready for typesetting, and polishes it for the purpose of publication. For academic work, this generally means editing a document to meet the recommendations of a style guide (APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.) or the customised requirements of the journal or book publisher – including the format of citations and bibliography, headings and document formatting, etc. It also includes light editing of the content of the writing for consistency and correctness.

It is increasingly common for language editing and copyediting to be done as a single job, returning a document ready for submission to an academic publisher.

Proofreading is the checking of proofs. This is a final step before an article goes into print, and serves as a final check to pick up any typesetting errors or other mistakes that have slipped through. If you have received proofs from your publisher, you can send them to me for that one last meticulous read through.

What file formats do you accept?

For copyediting and language editing I prefer to work with Microsoft Word files (.docx, .doc) because the Track Changes functionality provided in Word is the most efficient method of communicating my suggested revisions. Formats that can easily be converted to Word (such as .rtf) are fine.

However, I am happy to work with other formats as required, either by converting them to .docx or by working with alternative proofing tools. Please let me know if you are working with a different file type and I will suggest a suitable method for the work to proceed.

Proofreading should be done on .pdf files, because these reflect how the document wll appear in print.

Can you provide an invoice or editing certificate?

Yes, I can provide you with an invoice and am also happy to send you a certificate on request if your publisher asks for proof that you have engaged an editing service. There is no extra charge for this.

What kinds of work do you accept?

I offer an academic editing service, and generally work with academics, students and researchers. While I specialise in the social sciences and humanities, I am happy to work across all disciplines. I also have experience with reports, grant applications, admission letters, and a range of other documents produced in and around academia.


If you have any questions or require further information, please send an email to the@englishimprover.com